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Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure that is necessary when the teeth grow incorrectly, causing problems in the mouth and face. Even when the solution is very simple though, many people choose to delay extraction or not go through with it at all.  What are the side effects of delaying wisdom tooth extraction? What do you risk by not getting these extra teeth removed? We’re here to tell you.

Because there isn’t enough space in the mouth for wisdom teeth to come in, it causes the teeth to grow abnormally. This causes impaction of the teeth and problems to arise in the mouth. A tooth impaction is when the teeth have not ruptured through the gum line either all the way or partially. When wisdom teeth partially rupture, they leave an open gum flap where food can get stuck underneath and cause infection. These infections are very difficult to clean and can even affect the jawbone. This is one of the biggest reasons why wisdom teeth are pulled out, as a preventative measure to avoid future issues. Infections later in life become harder to clean and the teeth will be a lot hard to remove, making the process much more painful.

Wisdom teeth normally come in during the late teen years, around 18. Your dentist will keep a close eye on their growth. Once the teeth have developed to a suitable point, they will be ready to be taken out. If left in too long, the roots will grow in and make extraction more difficult. Sometimes the roots can grow around a nerve in the lower jaw, possibly causing discomfort and putting the nerve at risk when the teeth get extracted. The roots of the upper teeth can grow into the sinus cavities, causing chronic sinus infections. Letting the roots grow in can create a dangerous situation. It’s best to get the wisdom teeth removed before this happens.

Although it is highly recommended to remove these teeth, each individual’s situation is unique and a dentist or oral surgeon with experience should be consulted.  If you need your wisdom teeth removed, contact Simply Wisdom Teeth today.

Here at Simply Wisdom Teeth, Dr. Hendrickson has thousands of extractions under his belt. With the most experience in removal, you will be in and out of the office in no time flat. Call Simply Wisdom Teeth today (435) 652-1243 to setup your consultation appointment.

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