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Most individuals have to undergo wisdom tooth extraction in their lifetime. Sometimes it is for all their wisdom teeth, and sometimes it is only for select teeth. For many, this process is quick and comes with minimal post-surgery care or return visits. Wisdom teeth generally start becoming an issue during the ‘age of wisdom‘ (hence the name) between 17-25 years. If you are currently in this age range, you may want to ask your dentist if you need to get your wisdom teeth removed.

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If wisdom teeth often need to be removed, why do we have them? There are many different theories about why we have wisdom teeth. According to Everyday Health, “One theory lies in the mouths of our ancestors. Early humans needed an extra row of teeth to chew their food: a diet of uncooked, hard items like roots, nuts, and meat.” 

Although it’s uncommon, some people born today never develop wisdom teeth. Why? According to John Hawks Ph.D., an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and an expert in human evolution, “It’s likely because of the size reduction in our jaw and face over the past 20,000 years.” Most experts say if you have not had your wisdom teeth come in by the age of 25, they most likely won’t erupt spontaneously.


Although wisdom teeth seemed to have served a purpose in human evolution, they continue to be an issue in the modern world. Here are a couple of modern issues surrounding wisdom teeth:

  1. Some individuals don’t have room for an extra set of molars, this causes mouth overcrowding. These molars are also known as impact teeth. Which grow and come in at an angle, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  2. Wisdom teeth growing in properly can lead to bad oral health. According to Everyday Health, “[Wisdom Teeth] are so far back in the mouth that it’s easy for food to get trapped, leading to more bad news: plaque, cavities, and gum disease.”

If you are thinking about getting your wisdom teeth removed we highly recommend checking out our reviews. Continue reading below for a testimonial from a client named Katie, who got their wisdom teeth removed at Simply Wisdom Teeth.

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Finding a Wisdom Tooth Expert

After confirmation from my orthodontist and continual pain from having my wisdom teeth trying to push through, I made the decision to get my wisdom teeth removed. This started my search to find the best place around to get them removed. I had just moved to the St. George area, so I started to ask my local friends where I should go. The consensus was to go to Simply Wisdom Teeth. I gave them a call and was able to schedule an appointment right away. They were kind and directed me to the necessary forms for the surgery.

Removal Day & Post-Surgery

To say that my wisdom tooth removal day was “simple” would be an understatement of my experience with Simply Wisdom Teeth. Their staff is friendly and helpful. The surgery was quick and painless. The doctor went over my post-surgery care and I was on my way.

Post-surgery was easy. My pain prescriptions were waiting for me for a quick pick up after the removal. Their Post Operative Instructions are simply laid out and I followed them with no complications. 

Overall, I was very happy with the service I received from Simply Wisdom and would highly recommend them! -Katie Johnson, Satisfied Simply Wisdom Tooth customer